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Discover How you can help transform
struggling young League players
into Rugby League Stars!!!”

If you don't know where to start, everything you need is right here...

In this easy to follow 'How To' training system
You'll have a simple step-by-step process...
Regular practice (5-10 minutes each day) your son will improve dramatically.

The Mental Edge:  Thoughts an opinions...
It's often said that Sporting Success is 90% mental and 10% Physical

Obviously when your son plays with MENTAL confidence, he can perform better.

The result of practicing Rugby League skills daily, is not only better physical skills,
but also enhanced player confidence. More confident, more enthusiasm, more success.

It's not rocket science:  You get good at whatever you focus on and practice.




Yes, You Can Give Your Boy An Advantage!

Think about it:  Great Rugby League players are not born, they are made through practice and repetition. 

I've witnessed this over-and-over again with all of the top rugby players.  Every single brilliant Rugby League player has been helped and coached.  They practice!!!

So parents need to get involved.

If you are already a skilled Rugby League player and sports athlete then you don't need this system. 

If you're a parent that didn't grow up playing Rugby League, then this system will give you the tools to help your son master the basics and become a skilled player.  You'll find that this system has easy to implement drills...

Tackling drills, running drills, ball handling drills, passing drills, kicking drills, diet tips, code of conduct, motivational strategies, and a whole lot more.  Everything the beginner needs to develop.

Rugby League Star comes with a

100% Money Back Guarantee



Rugby League Kids  

Little rugby league players who aspire to be champions need champion parents

You can help your son by following this simple system, it takes less then 10 minutes a day.  With your help your son will feel successful and be better prepared to achieve his sporting dreams.

Feel free to read all of the details below about our proven Rugby League coaching drills system!

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   2. Plus a 100% (money back) Guarantee.
   3. Plus testimonials and reviews from parents.




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Dear Rugby League Parents,

My grandson Dylan (8 years old) is now playing AMAZING.   But his first season was a disaster.

Playing Rugby League was supposed to be healthy and fun.
Unfortunately the experience was exactly the opposite.

Like many other parents, I saw young Dylan struggle with learning and playing Rugby League.  Game day was an unhappy day.  He was not enjoying the game, simply because he lacked the basic skills and confidence to play well.

During the game Dylan looked lost.  The reality was much worse; he was unconfident, nervous when the game action came his way, he was unsure of what was going on and what he was meant to do.

As a parent and grandparent it was painful and heart breaking to watch.

We didn’t want to flip Dylan from one sport to another, because it’s not the way to develop a young boy’s skill, confidence or passion.

I knew that if Dylan could get good at the basics, his entire game would be transformed.

So for 5-10 minutes each day (before or after school) I have been practicing just the basics with him. It’s fun and a great opportunity for us to spend quality time together.

The results were amazing:  It was amazing how quickly his skills developed.  His confidence grew and so did his passion and motivation to play.

Many other parents noticed Dylan’s quick and obvious transformation into a skilful and powerful Rugby League player.  Several people wanted to know “How did I do it?”

When I would explain the fun training drills that we did for 5-10 minutes each morning before school, and the simple incentives that made Dylan love to do the exercise, other parents insisted I should write it in a book.


Rugby League Testimonial  

Rugby League Star - Winning System!!!

I bought your Rugby League for kids system at the start of the year and want to take this opportunity to say thanks. The boys played under 6's, had great fun and success.  Every boy has imporved beyond my expectations, picking up the basics very quickly. Our team dominated the competition, in 10 games they managed to score over 100 tries and only conceded 34.  In short we used your traning exercises and every boy improved dramatically.  All boys and parents are super keen for next year.

Again I would just like to thank you for putting out your product and look forward to the boys continued improvement.

Father and Coach - Nathan Love

PHOTO:  Nathan's son Lochie with NRL Star Cameron Smith

Introducing my “Rugby League Star” System!
Created Exclusively for Parents
With Young Sons Who Play Football…

Here it is:  I wrote this book and developed the set of bonus tools so parents just like me would have a simple system and resource, to be able to make a massive improvement in their son's Rugby League abilities.  So they too could see their child enjoy the game and blossom as a skilled player.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll discover Inside…

  1. How to increase your son’s Rugby League skills.

  2. Simple ideas to develop his passion for League and confidence.

  3. Simple, quick and easy warm up methods so his little body is ready to go.

  4. Fitness and strength programs to develop his muscle tone and endurance.

  5. Footwork, running drills and activities to develop his speed and co-ordination.

  6. What you can do to incentivize your son so he enjoys his training and wants to do it.

  7. Simple drills and tips to develop all 9 of the fundamentals for Rugby League success.

  8. Food suggestions and tips so his body is fuelled up and ready for maximum performance.

  9. More than 70 photos of kids and professional Rugby League players throughout the book.

  10. It’s an easy, step-by-step, day-by-day program to help your son master the basics of Rugby League. Plus 10 Free Rugby League Bonuses with every purchase. 


Rugby League Testimonial Kane and Clay  

Thank you. We have been doing the 10 minute program before school each day... I have been amazed at how quickly the boy’s skills are improving. They really enjoy the mini training sessions, and you're right, it is quality time for us (between parent and child) to spend together. 

Now we are all excited and looking forward to game day on Saturday mornings

Kane & Clay (8 years old twins)

P.S. I had the boys read your 20 tips for good sportsmanship.  Excellent information...


Rugby League Testimonial Noah  

"I purchased the Rugby League Star training system a few months ago, it has been really successful for my son. He has his team training sessions once a week and we do our own training 3-4 times a week.  He is playing brilliantly.  I can hardly believe how confident and strong he has become in just a few months.

I can definitely say that your Rugby League Star coaching drills are easy, fun and they work.  I would highly recommend it to other League parents. Thankyou…”

Noah (10 years old)




“I’ve coached junior league (6 years to 16 years) for over a decade and can confidently say this system is brilliant for developing young Rugby League players.


I would recommend ‘Rugby League Star’ to any parent that wants to fast-track their son’s physical development, confidence and skills.  I would also recommend it to any junior coach with a team of Under 10’s or younger, to develop the individual skills of each and every player.”


Ian Jagger - St George Junior Rep Coach



Hi again,

This is my son's 2nd year playing rugby league, and after watching him have a "really bad season" I knew I had to help him.


We have been using the Rugby League Star and my son absolutely loves it! I too have fun with it cos I do the exercises with him. He’s playing excellent footy now and he’s really motivated…so all CREDIT to you for providing me with the guidance to help him.

Thank you again, money well spent!


Lema Noel - (happy mother)












As Seen On ABC TV

We are very proud that the Rugby League Star system was profiled on ABC TV this year.

The recognition for the quality and success of our coaching drills is a great honour and source of pride.


Rugby League - 8 Week Money Back Guaranteed  

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8 Week Money-Back Guarantee!

We are so confident that you'll find Rugby League Star an invaluable and super helpful tool that we're offering a full 8 Week Money Back Guarantee.


But Wait…  There’s More!

Rugby League Bonuses Arrows

Order Today and You'll Also Receive

FREE BONUS 1.   Top 20 tips to teach Kids about being a good sport and team player.

FREE BONUS 2.   30 Positive Comments: Encouragement & praise inspires champions.

FREE BONUS 3.   For a coach: How to implement Rugby League Star with entire team.

FREE BONUS 4.   Food Is Fuel: Peak performance diet tips for little Rugby League stars.

FREE BONUS 5.   Safe Play Code: Making sure that junior players are train and play safe.

FREE BONUS 6.   Safety Tips: Preventing common Rugby League injuries.

FREE BONUS 7.   Code of Conduct for Rugby League coches, parents and players.

FREE BONUS 8.   Sample training routines (developed in an Excel spreadsheet).
                       Use the spreadsheet as a template to create your training program.

FREE BONUS 9.   Incentive chart (developed in Excel).  Designed to incentivise one child.

FREE BONUS 10. Incentive chart (developed in Excel).  Designed to incentivise two children.



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“There is no doubting the place of skills training in the preparation of a young Rugby League players… Should anyone wish to succeed in the game, without having sufficient skill, their attempts will be doomed...  Each and every player requires varying degrees of assistance along the way.  Such assistance will truly lead the player along the road to success.”

By Peter Corcoran
Australian Rugby League
National Director of Coaching


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Why so low? Because I need your help. You see, my “Rugby League Star” system is brand new and I need help spreading the word.  When you implement this simple one-on-one training program and achieve excellent results, the word will spread.  These one-on-one training exercises are the key to fast improvment and success.

Because of this, I'm willing to offer this incredible System at 45% off the regular price if you agree to tell at least one friend about it immediately after you review it... if, and only if, it meets your highest expectations. Does that sound fair? 


Give Your Son The Opportunity to Shine in His Sport.

If your son isn’t PREPARED mentally and physically, doesn’t understand the game of Rugby League, or doesn’t have the proper skills, he’ll become frustrated with the game, lose his confidence and want to quit the game.

Rugby League requires strength, ball handling and passing, foot work and running and the endurance to last through an entire game.  He can’t possibly play the game effectively and enjoy himself if he doesn’t have these basic abilities.

This training system addresses all of the key skills.  With practice your son will improve.


One-on-One Training And Practice Is the BEST WAY
For Boys Under 10 years of age!

My own experience has shown that boys 10 years and under do not have the maturity to learn Rugby League skills efficiently in a team environment.

It’s different for older boys.  From the age of about 13,  boys go through a dramatic physical and mental maturity phase which lasts until they are about 18.

The key for young boys (6 – 10 years of age) to master the basics and become great Rugby League players, is one-on-one training.  That's exactly what this system is for:
• They need to be on their own or in a group no larger than 4.
• They need to be focussed without the distraction of other kids.
• They need to continuously do drills that develop all League basics.
• They need to do these drills several times a week to become great. 


Sincerely and with my best wishes,

Luke Hayes
Parent and Coach

P.S. Remember, I can guarantee your 100% satisfaction.  If you're not happy, I insist on refunding your investment right away. This is truly a 100% risk-free offer.

Parents who've already used my 
Rugby League Star System are reporting inspiring stories of triumph and success for their sons. Your little boy will be a Rugby League star!


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Rugby League, The Greatest Game Of All…

A Final Point:

Make sure you give your son the opportunity to shine in his sport.  If your little boy isn’t PREPARED, doesn’t understand the game of Rugby League, or doesn’t have the proper skills, he’ll become frustrated with the game and want to quit.

This is a special time for your son.  He is growing and developing rapidly.  Kids aren’t born with motor skills, hand-to-eye co-ordination and Rugby League confidence, they develop these skills.  Help him through this awkward stage and accelerate his physical mastery. 

With your help, he will become a better Rugby League player!






 Contact the author and seller Luke Hayes at any time.

This eBook and system has been developed to help parents and coaches
improve the Rugby League skills of young boys aged 6 to 10 years of age.